We are pleased to introduce natural wild honey from Russia, collected in the ecologically pure terrtory of the Far East. The extraordinary flavors, unique texture and great aromas of BIOSOTA creamed honey will impress even the most sophisticated connoisseur!

BIOSOTA creamed honey is not merely a beekeeping product and exquisite delicacy. Enchanced by the addition of important minerals, it rtains all of the unique properties of honey. This all-narutal product, without artificial additives and dyes, is composed only of honey, berries, nuts, fruits and roots.

  • Completely natural product
  • Preserves all the unique properties of honey, helpful for the immune system
  • Bright and rich flavor, smooth texture
  • Does not crystallize
  • It goes well with any baked foods or cheeses
  • The perfect compliment to breakfast
  • A new type of natural sweets in the world market
  • The perfect treat for children
  • A great gift
  • 100% quality guarantee
  • Made in Russia
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